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Shredders BBQ is made with local ingredients.  Fresh meat rubbed with our unique Shredders Love Rub & hickory smoked for hours. Original recipe sides made on our fully renovated (by us!) school bus kitchen.  

This is a basic overview of our daily menu options. Availability of some items change.  We also change our selection of sides daily.  For the most up to date menu check out our Google page.  

the berm        $16

1/3lb Brisket Sandwich served w/ Kitch'n Cook'd chips

the greasy     $10

Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ choice of slaw & Kitch'n Cook'd chips

Rock Garden  $14

 Mac n Cheese topped w/ Pork Belly & sauce served w/ Kitch'n Cook'd chips

gap jump       $16

Hefty Half Rack of Baby Back Ribs

pig wings     $16

1/2lb Pork Belly Burnt Ends 
LOADED nachos  $14
Loaded w/ pulled pork, beer cheese, BBQ salsa, lettuce, sour cream,  jalapenos & black olives


Nachos topped w/ Beer Cheese, Pulled Pork, 
Sticky Heat & Crunchy Slaw 




Smoked Mac n Cheese    Pork n Beans
Mac Salad
Baked Applesauce
Baked Potato Salad
Green Beans
Granny's Pea Salad

Creamy Slaw
Mayo Dressing 

Crunchy Slaw
Oil & Vinegar Dressing w/ Banana Peppers

Add 4oz Side $4

Take home a 16oz bottle of
Sticky Heat or Sticky Sweet for $9

Sticky Sweet
Sweet Red Sauce
Sticky Heat
Just the right amount of Spice 
Carolina Style

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